Our Services

Westbury Fencing can carry out whatever it takes to turn your garden into a beautiful outdoor living area.

We have many years’ experience in constructing, repairing, replacing and installing garden fencing in various styles, complete with gates and all the finishing touches.

Here are some of the fencing solutions we offer:

Close Board Fencing with Featheredge Boards

From 3 foot (900mm) to 7 foot in height (2.1mtrs) with or without a capping strip.

This traditional form of fencing remains the most popular choice for garden perimeters. It is one of the strongest types of timber fencing, constructed by nailing vertical lengths of wood, partly overlapping, onto horizontal backing rails that run between upright posts.

A feather-edge close board fence looks neat and tidy, is extremely stable with the posts set into concrete, and provides an impenetrable screen for privacy and wind protection.

Overlap Panel Fencing

Fixed from 3 foot (900mm) to 6 foot high (1.8mtrs)

The most affordable fencing option for gardens is also attractive and practical. Overlap panel fencing comes in the form of horizontal slatted panels that are ready to be slotted into upright posts, providing a solid screen.

The beauty of overlap panel fencing is that when if one panel becomes damaged or deteriorates for some reason, it can be replaced without having to replace the entire fence.

Picket Fencing

3 (900mm) or 4 foot high (1.2 mtrs) with the option of round, pointed or square tops.

Make your garden as pretty as a picture by using picket fencing to section off areas or line your front garden without obstructing the view in or out.

A low picket fence is a great way to keep pets and children secure in play areas, while letting the light through for your growing plants and allowing you to keep an eye on them. It’s also ideal for lining pathways or as a landscape design tool.


Gates supplied and fitted in close board or picket style.

Garden gates are usually necessary on every property to break up a line of fencing and allow access between front and back, into an alleyway, side return or different sections of the garden.

We supply and fit gates to match your close board or picket style fencing, fully secured with locks and fixtures of your choice, that will enhance the look of your fence and the garden space as a whole.

Garden Fencing Replacement

When we remove old fencing to replace it with new, we make sure the redundant material is neatly removed from the site, and taken to be responsibly disposed of.

All our fencing materials are CCA standard pressure treated and wherever possible locally sourced.